‘Live Literacy’ combined learning, literacy and entertainment during the worst days of the pandemic – Flintside

4August 2020

FLINT, Michigan– In the early months of the pandemic, when all inessential organisations were closed, numerous families had no option however to stay cooped up in their houses. During this time, one Holmes STEM Academy staff member brought both parents and children momentary respite with her series of Facebook streams.Dubbed “Live Literacy “by Ashley Strozier, household engagement facilitator at Holmes and creator of the series, the streams were focused on elementary-aged kids. They consisted of her or a guest reading out loud, similar to an instructor or parent would in a classroom.

According to Strozier, the idea came from a discussion with her mother, who had likewise invested her life operating in education.

“My mom discussed to me that it would be really good if there recognized faces reading to the students regularly,” Strozier says.Although Flint

Community Schools was starting a comparable program at the time, Strozier says she was inspired by a parent who informed her she wished to see readers from her own community.

Strozier saw the series as a chance to continue with Holmes' effort to provide purposeful and custom-made programs to the Brownell-Holmes community, a centerpoint of the school's methodology given that transitioning from Brownell-Holmes Elementary to Holmes in 2013.

“We've been working very hard … with being individual, being intentional, and taking every chance to communicate with our trainees and making it count,” Strozier says.After the first few streams in late April, Live Literacy removed. What had actually begun as a little, nearly additional addition to an existing program quickly spread out past the Brownell-Holmes area's boundaries and into the houses of children across the entire city.”The interaction with our school's

[ Facebook] page had increased tremendously. I wish to state we got to over 900 likes in the weeks because we began Live Literacy and after moms and dads began searching for more online resources for their kids,”Strozier says.While 900 likes might seem like nothing in the age of social media, it's

a lot for a school district that serves around 4,200 students, 400 approximately of whom really attended Holmes in 2019. Billie Dantzler, a Flint resident, parent, and pre-K instructor, states she had simply started using social media in April when she discovered the Holmes Facebook page. According to Dantzler, the pandemic had actually affected her and her 9-year-old child's reading routines.

The 2 frequented the Flint Public Library and upon its closure, were left without access to the myriad of reading product they were accustomed to. Dantzler and her daughter were required to seek to the web for new reading product. It was during this search that the 2 discovered the Holmes Facebook page.” With whatever closing down, we needed to shift our reading habits online. That's how I encountered Mrs. Strozier's Live Literacy

,”Dantzler says.It wasn't long up until Live Literacy became a staple in the Dantzler home. “My daughter liked it,” Dantzler states.

“… She really looked forward to Live Literacy. It has ended up being an extremely positive

habit in our home.” Dantzler states she would stream the readings to her TV so her daughter could truly get the feeling of being read to and seeing the pages of the books.”It kind of just worked its method into our lives and we loved it,”Dantzler says. In total, Live Literacy ran for over 20 “episodes” in between late April and early

June. A number of them included Holmes instructors in addition to neighborhood members; neighborhood partners like Isaiah Oliver, the CEO of the Community Foundation of Greater Flint; and even authors of the books reading, like Suvi Chilsom, author of”Bad Caterpillar. “At the moment, none of the Live Literacy videos are offered. Holmes'Facebook page has been removed as the school shifts to end up being Holmes STEM Middle School Academy following the statement that Flint Jr. High School, formerly called Flint Northwestern High School, would be closing. “It wasn't expected to explode into this huge thing, which it has. It really was simply a small concept so that we had a chance to connect with our trainees at Holmes. … The series opened an opportunity for our households to learn more about someone else that lived or worked in the neighborhood, “Strozier says.Source: flintside.com

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