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11August 2020

KENTWOOD, Mich.– With many people working out in your home, one local chiropractic specialist said he is seeing more overuse injuries recently.

Overuse injuries take place when our muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons go through recurring stress.

Those injuries are showing up in Doctor Reid Meador's workplace, Chiropractic Unlimited, in the kind of pain in the back, along with leg and wrist sprains.

He stated one reason is that people aren't making the effort to warm up, stretch or hydrate in the house before an exercise like they would when they're in a gym or a physical fitness class. And, that can trigger issues with time.

“I think one of the biggest things right now is people are just discovering videos online and, possibly they find one they like, suddenly they're doing that 4 or five times a week,” described Dr. Meador.

“It's type of the same movements over and over which, again, goes back to that overuse injury portion of it. So I ‘d say discover 3 or 4 different workouts that are working different parts of the body, and attempt to do those so that those other parts of the body get that rest and recovery that they need.”

That pain can even appear as lots of people are working from home today.

Doctor Meador stated it's essential to have a proper work area that allows individuals to sit up straight and keep the shoulders back to avoid stress on the hip, neck and back.

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