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8October 2020

Latham, NY, Oct. 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As a chiropractor, the goal is to help patients live and feel better; however, in order to provide the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the neuromusculoskeletal system that many individuals need, they first need to establish the doctor-patient relationship. Many chiropractors are asking how to get more patients the chiropractic services that they really need! Chiro Solutions believes the answer to this dilemma is simple. Establish a medical marketing campaign customized to the individual practice for Inbound Lead Generation combined with AI Technology, a deadly duo.Chiro Solutions bridges the gap between your practice and the local community with an all-in-one marketing software which attracts, nurtures & books these community members into your busy schedule for care. Over the past year Chiro Solutions has helped chiropractors across the US grow their practices to otherwise unattainable heights.About Chiro Solutions:
Chiro Solutions is a new Practice Growth-oriented service that was designed to help chiropractors effectively get new patients from their already existing online presence. The way that they achieve that is through the use of intensive and extensive marketing that has proven so structurally efficient that it generates an influx of new patients each day without the chiropractor having to ever step out of their comfort zone, chase leads or pay an expensive management fee.
At Chiro Solutions, they integrate AI with their campaigns to nurture the leads they bring to Chiropractors. Their AI will answer all the questions, book the appointments, and confirm the appointments. It will even remind the patients of their appointments. In situations where a scheduled patient does not show up, the AI will pick back up on trying to reschedule them.
Meaning that the chiropractor no longer has to focus on the patient flow, their focus becomes the treatment and managing patient accumulation, because the software takes care of finding these patients for them. They will no longer need to delegate these leads to their team or have to hire an expensive dedicated lead manager to follow up with inbound leads.
The team at Chiro Solutions has created an extremely user-friendly interface with intuitive technology for seamless user experience.
The Team Behind Chiro Solutions: 
CEO & Founder, Bailey Malo, came up with the idea about developing a centralized platform for chiropractors after learning about how chiropractors experience many obstacles while running their websites and marketing campaigns, and all the complications that come with it. He did some independent research and realized he could implement a better system by merging AI technology with inbound lead generation. So, he integrated his AI with a few practices and within the first month, it started showing overwhelming results. The idea caught on like a wildfire and thus, Chiro Solutions became a reality.
To find out more about Chiro Solutions, you can visit their website. Media Details
Company: Chiro Solutions LLC

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