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3June 2020

Ever wondered why some individuals are often sick, while some others rarely or never ever get ill?

Numerous research studies show that all of it depends on the state of the body immune system. Individuals with a strong and healthy immune system are able to withstand and withstand infections. When the body immune system is weak, the body becomes susceptible to transmittable diseases.

A weak immune system can be genetic (e.g asthma, autoimmune illness), but it can likewise be acquired (e.g. HIV/AIDS).

A growing body of evidence recommends that chiropractic care is among the most effective strategies for increasing the body immune system.

How chiropractic care increases your immunity: The upper cervical area consists of the head, the C1 and C2 neck vertebrae and the spine. A misalignment of the neck vertebrae can result in main nerve system disorders and damage the immune system.

The main nervous system manages the functions of the body. One of its functions includes sending signals through the spine and the brain. A misalignment of these neck vertebrae can interrupt interaction between these systems and jeopardize the body immune system.

To increase your body immune system, the chiropractic physician will perform nerve screening and digital X-ray scans. If an upper cervical injury or misalignment is identified, the specific chiropractor will administer a chiropractic change and other kinds of care.

This strategy will trigger a healing process in the body and restore the communication channel between your body immune system and the central nervous system.

Wish to boost your resistance through chiropractic care? Call us. We can definitely assist.

For the previous six years, Dr. Addison Bulosan has offered exceptional chiropractic care for patients of chronic migraines and other travel-related health problems. For more information, contact Dr. Bulosan at 296 Alamaha St., #C 3A, Kahului, HI 96732, or phone (808) 866-6551. Please forward all e-mail inquiries to!.?.!. To schedule a free 15-minute consultation, check out With the Coronavirus

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